About us

Officine Modelli S.r.l. has been founded in 1996 by an idea of 3 Founding members: Claudio Postacchini, Luca Sabbioni and Massimiliano Caporali. Their previous experiences, in the fashion world, have given them the opportunity to share a business venture, aimed to consolidate the image the Italian footwear has acquired over time, establishing itself as a leading manufacturer of quality footwear

From this project it's born Officine Modelli S.r.l., leader in the creation, production and distribution of medium- high level shoes. That way it began his collaboration as licensee, with ''Carlo Pignatelli Spa'', for which it designs and sells shoes for wedding, classic and sports, belts, accessories and photo albums of high standing.

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Opening Carlo Pignatelli Shoes&Accessories Store

Milan 01/26/2012

Opening in grand style for the first accessories store in Milan Carlo Pignatelli. The event is attended many famous faces such as Ugo Conti, Rossano Rubicondi, Ramona Badescu, Ana Laura Ribas and Raffaella Zardo.

Esposizione Collezione

dal 10 Aprile 2018

Esposizione nuova collezione 2019, dal 10 Aprile 2018. Showroom in Via Fusetti, 8 Milano.